Caroline is One! ~ Macon Georgia Baby and Children's Photographer ~ One year photo session

Caroline's family came to us for her one year session when their family photographer, a dear friend of ours, was too pregnant at the time to do her one year session!  She sent them our way and I'm so glad they booked us because this ended up being one of my very favorite cake smashes of all time.  I love all of the girly pink and the lighting at our front yard cherry tree was on point that evening.  We started off with some sweet portraits at the farm nearby and those were sweet too of course!  

wm Hill 14.jpg
wm Hill 15.jpg
wm Hill 25.jpg
wm Hill 22.jpg
wm Hill 32.jpg
wm Hill 34.jpg
wm Hill 35.jpg
wm Hill 37.jpg
wm Hill 39.jpg
wm Hill 43.jpg

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cake smash session!  SO pretty!

wm Hill 44.jpg
wm Hill 45.jpg
wm Hill 46.jpg
wm Hill 47.jpg

Jen and Juni ~ Atlanta Georgia Family Photographer

There really aren't words for how sweet these two are together or how amazing Jen is at what she does!  She designed our website and we love it!  We told her what we wanted and she made it happen and is so easy to work with!  She genuinely cares and I think that's why her session was so amazing to me.  She and Juni love each other deeply and it shows.  These types of interaction shots really are my favorite thing to photograph.  Sooooo much better and so much more emotion then just smiling and staring at the camera! 

I have too many favorites from the session so let me just get started! :)

You can FEEL and SEE their love!

wm Jen 10.jpg
wm Jen 13.jpg
wm Jen 17.jpg
wm Jen 18.jpg
wm Jen 22.jpg
wm Jen 25.jpg

The tattoo is one Jen got modeled after her late mother's handwriting.  I love this shot SO much.

wm Jen 26.jpg
wm Jen 28.jpg

One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.  

wm Jen 31.jpg
wm Jen 34.jpg
wm Jen 38.jpg
wm Jen 40.jpg
wm Jen 41.jpg
wm Jen 42.jpg
wm Jen 44.jpg
wm Jen 45.jpg
wm Jen 48.jpg

Everything about this session re-sparked a passion for photography that I didn't even know I had lost.  These photographs are a piece of my heart, showing the love these two have for each other was incredible.  I want to do so much more of this. 

Mindy's Tea Party hosted by her sweet boys! ~ Fayetteville Georgia Family Photographer

Mindy's sweet mama surprised her with a tea party at the gorgeous Turnipseed Farms in Fayetteville with her sweet boys--all three of them! ;) This was such a sweet session and I love how they color coordinate with the flowers and scenery!  Just goes to show you that you are never too old for a tea party and you can have a tea party with boys that is just as sweet!  Love it!

wm Clark tea party 2.jpg
wm Clark tea party 3.jpg
wm Clark tea party 7.jpg
wm Clark tea party 12.jpg
wm Clark tea party 9.jpg

Such sweetness!!

wm Clark tea party 13.jpg
wm Clark tea party 16.jpg
wm Clark tea party 17.jpg

Batman Rules! ~Macon Georgia Family Photographer

Oh goodness, there really aren't words to say how much fun this session was with The Williams family in downtown Macon!  This is the same family in the previous post that was the gorgeous maternity session done at the river!  Big brother can show little brother these one day and tell him he was there too--in mama's tummy! :) 

wm Batman 1.jpg
wm Batman 7.jpg
wm Batman 8.jpg
wm Batman 10.jpg
wm Batman 21.jpg

Loved this session!  Little man rocked it out!!

wm Batman 25.jpg
wm Batman 26.jpg
wm Batman 27.jpg

Noelle's Maternity/Family Session ~ Warner Robins Maternity and Family Photographers

When I receive an email from a new client there's always a mix of excitement with uncertainty--will we mesh well?  Will we have the same vision for the session?  Have fun together with ease, etc...?  Well Noelle was one of the nicest people I've ever received an email from...ever!  AND she was just as nice and easy-going in person as her emails.  The cherry on top was how gorgeous she is!  She's just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and that is a lottery win for any photographer. 

We did some standard maternity photos as well as some family shots--Noelle brought along her husband, mother and son!  So glad this sweet, new client found and chose us for their FIRST professional family photo.

wm Noelle 2.jpg
wm Noelle 7.jpg

Noelle and her mama are both so beautiful!!

wm Noelle 13.jpg

This was one of my prettiest maternity sessions ever!  So beautiful and easy!

Gorgeous gorgeous mama in such a pretty place!

The Lamb Family ~ Atlanta Georgia Family Photographers

We met up with the Lamb family at Whittier Mill Park in Atlanta for this sweet sunset session!  I love that their session has the perfect mix of candid/interaction shots along with posed--looking at the camera shots--a good blend to me!  I love a mix of that on my own wall and like to give clients a mix to choose from as well. 

These guys are laid back and sweet and we really enjoy our sessions with them!

Boone ~ Newborn ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

Our great-nephew Boone came all the way from Valdosta Georgia for his newborn session!  He was so good to us!  Quite the cute little squish!

A lot of mamas come to us with Pinterest ideas and we definitely don't mind doing them and putting our own spin on them if we are able to!  Just leave us some creative liberties and don't fill up your entire session with Pinterest ideas and we are good to go!  Here's some requested Pinterest inspired shots from Boone's mama!

Jackson ~ Fresh 48 ~ One day new! ~ Macon Georgia Birth and Baby Photographer

I didn't even get to hold my little cousin Jackson the day he was born because there were some complications with his birth and they wanted to check him out really well before I had to leave to go home for Valentine mini sessions!  Soooo of course we had to go back the next day so I could get some Fresh 48 session pics of him and hold him some!  Ahhhh he's so cute!  There's nothing like a fresh baby!!

I love a fresh baby's wrinkled up feet from living inside water for 9 months!  Everything about them is the best miracle ever!

Jackson's Birth ~ Macon Georgia Birth Photographer

My little cousin's wife had a baby so I have a new little cousin!! :)  Every birth I get to witness and photograph is an absolute miracle and every one of them is completely different.  Each time there's one thing in common and that is how amazing it is to witness.  We went in on Friday Feb. 5th and (not so little) Jackson was born early the next morning Saturday Feb. 6th!

Zoey is one! ~ Warner Robins Georgia Children's Photographer

We loved hanging out with Zoey and her mamas!  We had a fun game night and enjoyed our daughter's baby shower picnic and Zoey's birthday party together before they moved off to Texas!  We are going to miss hanging out and miss seeing this adorable little nugget for pictures!

She is so dang cuuuuuttttteeeee!  Gah!

Nothing more adorable than a happy, laughing baby!  Love her!

Brooks ~ One Year Old ~ Macon Georgia Baby Photographer

This little guy is one hunky chunk of a one year old!  So dang cute!!  I'm going to start you off with a little then and now action because he was one of my favorite newborns to date!  So precious!

Same squishy, adorable cheeks!!   All the heart eyes!

Brooks tore down on some cake!! 

This guy was so full of joy!  He's edible!