Kim And Her Crew

We were excited when Kim contacted us about a family session....she was excited about our work and enthusiastic about having a session with us. We were thinking family session, three or four people, no problemo! That's when Kim gave us the low-down, 21...yes 21 people were going to be having their picture made together. At the same time. All in one photo. You get the idea. :) I had a few sleepless nights wondering how in the world we were going to pull it off, how could we pose them and even fit them all into a decent looking picture? But I think we pulled it off!

You guys were a really nice, fun crew to work with and we hope you enjoy your pictures!

The next one is a very favorite because Nikki was such a sport to try out the "Friends" pose!

They will be shocked that I got this next one!

And two of my favorite REAL kid moments of the session:
This is what Joey thought of us that day!