Jonathon and Marie's Engagement Session

Jonathon and Marie are such fun people to hang out with! They are the cutest couple and we had a blast getting to know them better while they rocked out their session. Marie is the newest mascot of MonkeyBean photos because she can climb up onto anything like the best of the monkeys! :) These two were up for anything, even in the parts of town where already having a tetanus shot is a good idea.

Marie is a perfect example that there are people in the younger generations that are smart and work hard for what they want---she maintains an "A" average while working two jobs to pay for her own wedding in October. Jonathon is also a very hard worker himself. Together they are just perfect and were super sweet to each other and to us.

We can't wait to shoot their wedding in October!
Please excuse the CRAZY amount of pictures...but we love engagements and these guys did a really nice job!