Logan 4 Days New / Locust Grove Newborn Photographer

The Butterfly Barn baby has arrived!!  What a sweet little cutie he is too!  I had some good times snuggling up on this little man while we were switching out props or blankets.  Can you believe he's only 4 days new here?!  That's how we like them too---FRESH out of the oven!!  I get overcome with so many good emotions when I think about how awesome it is that a Mom would bring her brand, spanking NEW baby to us for pictures.  I can make one promise and that's that we will take seriously good care of that little nugget while you are here! :) 

Thank you Jessica and Richard for coming for pics so soon after leaving the hospital---we really do appreciate it! 

Dad loves fishing big time, so we finally got a chance to use our old school minnow bucket and he brought some lures for us to use.  I'm SURE we could have gone crazy with fishing poles, etc...but we are minimialists at heart and really love doing it up just enough without going overboard.

And a smile, woohooooo!