The Valentine Family / Middle Georgia Family Photographer

The Valentine family was super brave and met us in a part of Atlanta that none of us had ever been in...and that seemed potentially sketchy...but wasn't--so all was good! ;)  I honestly don't know if we were downtown, midtown, uptown, all-around-town---who knows?!  And I'm totally not giving out the name of this place either---gotta find it by researching like I did! ;)  It's just that so many of us "share" the same places over and over's actually kind of nice to have a place that for right now seems like ours---even though there were two other photogs there shooting too--we didn't happen to all be from the same town, lol! 

We had a blast with these guys exploring the place and finding new walls and textures to shoot on.  These are some of our favorite family pics we have done and think the black and whites with the bricks and textures are so rad!!  I'm so glad they are people who appreciate a good mix of color and black and white--because some of these I just had to do both because I couldn't decide!

This is so fun!

I loooovvveee this family pic!

You guys rocked this session out, thank you!!