Delaney and Dylan / Florida Children's Photographer

We had a relaxing weekend with Delaney and Dylan and their dad at a cabin in Panacea a few weekends ago.  It was so Jurassic park-ish there at the cabin, lol!  Florida always has the craziest plants...and the craziest bugs too---we had some mad awful bug bites to prove that one!  ;)  Of course while we were there chilling, we also had a little mini session on the sand/water below the cabin!

Ok let me explain these next ones...especially for the people who might have sense of humor troubles.  Dylan and Delaney are part Filipino---and we've called Dylan ""Rice Picker" for as long as we've known him.  Wrong?  Perhaps...but it's all in love because he's the darn cutest little rice picker ever and we adore him.  I guess we've called him that enough that his Mom sent along an actual "rice picker" hat...and yes I'm too lazy at the moment to see if there's a real name for it! ;)  SO we had to get him to wear it for pics.  The most hilarious thing is how he's wearing that vest with it and looks like he washed ashore someplace.  It's all just too funny really!  Plus they are family...and you can pick on your family!

Florida not only has the wildest, prettiest plants and biggest bugs...but THE best sunsets.  I'll give them that...but Georgia is still way more awesome! ;)

Oh goodness...just waiting for him to run off screaming "De Plane, De Plane!!"