Brecken 6 Months / Middle Georgia Baby Photographer

OH MY GOODNESS!  HOLY SMOKES...and all those other radical expressions!  This was a dream session!  Brecken was so smiley and so precious...every setup we put him in, he just looked absolutely adorable.  His parents brought some super cute hats and a tie...we were in love with all of it.  This guy gave me some of our fave pics ever, for sure!

The last time we saw Brecken----he was a newbie---and since his room was decorated in a tool theme---we thought "What the heck?!  Let's squish him into a toolbox!"  LOL! **Disclaimer--no children were harmed in the making of this photo!** BUT, it sure was interesting getting him out of there, hee!

And now..a suitcase! ;)  Freakin' precious much?!  One of my faves.

And now THE BEST!