Watts Family Maternity / Hampton Georgia Maternity Photographer

What a sweet, sweet family!!  We loved Toni from the first email she sent---very excited to have a session with us, very polite.  Some emails we get and we are like "Hmm...is this the client for us?"  And others we get and it's more like "HECK YEAH--WE LOVE THIS CHICK!"  That was Toni's emails.  Her session first had to be rescheduled because all of a sudden an out-of-the-blue cold snap came and would have made for a miserable session.  The next time her session was scheduled it was tsunami-like-rain. :0 UGH!  So we did some juggling and made the session for the next day and it was sunny but sooooo windy.  Pretty much the windiest it's ever been on one of our sessions.  And guess what?!  It was bootie-crazy cold too.  

But Toni and Brent are easy-going people and hung in there (chattering teeth and all)!  Poor Braylen spent most of the time in the car and we certainly couldn't blame him for that!

Toni is one cute mama!  Isn't that the most adorable baby bump ever?!  She's due any day too!!

The wind was blowing so fast and furiously that there were gorgeous clouds one minute and none the next.

Love this!

Little guy was soooo cold but still trying his best to hang in there!

We cannot wait to meet Baby Madison! :)