Hot Cocoa Mini Sessions 2013 ~ Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Our set for Christmas minis this year was more of a winter themed type session with our hot cooca stand!  We saw the idea on Pinterest and had to have one of our own.  My Dad built the cocoa stand (nice and sturdy!!) and we had a blast decorating and making it our own.  As I have stated somewhere before--here or Facebook, we are minimalist in our design style.  We like *just* enought to make it fun and colorful without going overboard making a set look like a store threw up. ;)  We're proud of how the set turned out and had a blast with all the kiddos who came out for pics this year.

Loved all the reds, browns, greys and creams with this set.  Those colors definitely just went with it like butta on toast. :)

Cute boys in hats, all over this post!  Love love love!! 

If this were my kiddo, I'd have a very difficult time dressing him in anything but blue.  Wow!!

And I'll end with one of the best Buddy The Elf quotes! :)