Emily ~ Two Years Old ~ Macon Georgia Children's Photographer

Emily is already two!!  We are good friends with Emily's parents and have good times hanging out with them!  Love them in fact! :)  I love sessions with old friends, knocking on their door with a pizza and visiting after pictures!  We *just* barely got the session completed without any rain!  Woohoo!  Emily was a champ and gave us some of the cutest pictures ever...and big sister Maggie too! :)

Love all of these, but this one is just too cute!

Merry? ;)  She only cried for a few seconds.

Really Merry! :)

This ons is so sweet it's redonk!!  I loved it so much, I have to post the color and b&w version!!

She's had our sled in her newborn pics, one year ones and now two year!!  So cool! 

Precious girl!

I had a print of a little girl riding off on a big wheel and always wanted to have my own picture replicating that.  So stoked to have grabbed this one!