Easter Minis 2014 Day Two ~ Jackson Georgia Easter Pictures Photographer

Day Two of Easter Minis was super adorable as well!  Here ya go!

Took these two a minute to warm up to pics and duckies, but we got there!  Got some cuteness in the end too! :)

Best Easter Mini Moment of the year! :)

She wouldn't even consider getting near the ducks the first time she came and we tried pics, this time she rocked it like a pro!

Nobody was home!

Oh goodness this is cute!  They look like little Orvilles!

Seriously cute expression!

Two of the sweetest boys and they are cute too!

Big kids are so good and easy...no having to squeak the rubber chicken! :)

Pretty girls having fun!

Even the pup is looking!  So stinkin' cute!

Their outfits couldn't have been more perfect for this set!  Love, love, love!!!