Abbey 5 Years & MJ 3 Years at Turnipseed ~ Fayetteville Georgia Children's Photographer

These two sweet girls...they are absolutely darling so hang with!  They are cute, sweet, and funny and those three things combined are always my very favorite!  I'm not even sure which one they are full of the most---the cute, the sweet or the funny, it all seems to be evenly distributed in forms of LOTS and LOTS! <3  We adore these two and love to hear the things they come up with.  MJ thought the tea party was just beautiful and said in that sweet voice was just the best! 

We realize we capture moments in time that in the form of a picture will be saved forever but we sometimes forget that we help create moments that are special and will be remembered for a long time too. 

This is the best job ever.  I'm so so glad and thankful I get to live it!

Time for the gorgeous pics!  Their Mom had ONE simple grab a shot of Abbey's freckles close up.  It's not the easiest shot to get because you have to balance the right lighting and focusing without making it too light and making the freckles disappear, but we worked at it and ended up with quite a few keepers!  Love them.