Back To School Minis 2014 ~ Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

We had a blast with this setup for Back To School pictures this year!  It was most definitely a labor of love with ALL of those books!  We are super thankful to all the peeps that let us borrow so many books and for Heather and William helping us with some of the heavy lifting! :) 

This is my favorite BTS set yet and I have NO clue what we are going to do next year lol!

First up, little cutie Landon.  He is an adorable little dude going into Kindergarten and this was our first time meeting him!  He did awesome. :)

Next up is the pretty duo of Lily and Haylee!  You see these gorgeous, sweet faces a lot on our blog!  We love our loyal peeps! 

Here's another face you've seen a lot of here on the blog, little wild thing Emma! :)  She's a cute little thing that always keeps it interesting for us--I totally love the pencil pic! 

Little dude Thomas (another MBP regular!!) was just starting to go to school for tiny humans so he came for some BTS pics too! :)  He gave us a run for a money keeping him from knocking down the stacks, but we still got what we needed! :)

The theme seemed to be MBP regulars for this session because here comes some more faces you'll recognize!  Gunnar and Gracie rocked out their session and I LURVE the shot of Gunnar looking many people feel about going back to school lol. ;)