Carnival Minis 2014 ~ Middle Georgia Children's

Carnival minis were a ton of fun!  It's nice to be able to do something creative and different in this job--a lot of it is different but what I mean is something unlike a standard portrait session.  It's awesome to be able to put together a fun set and see how kiddos interact with it and what kinds of shots I can get.  Love my job!  This set is one of my new all time faves.

This family had a blast with it and that's what we always want to see happen!  SO much fun!

This cute little clown looks like she is tuckered out! :)  So cute!

This next little crew was a blast too!  I love how all of the families went all out on the costumes!
How about our amazing carnival tent made by our friend Jessica and our way cool FUN sign made completely by hand with Julie!  Julie made the box they are sitting on and I painted it and she made the stand around the popcorn table.  SO talented. I painted the Popcorn sign and am pretty proud of it as well.  This set took some time and was a labor of love, but so worth it!

Lily's mom made that super sweet little hat down below!  She's so creative!

Mr. Thomas was oh so cute taming his lion! :)

Adorable Mason holding those heavy weights like a pro! :D