Caroline is One! ~ Macon Georgia Baby and Children's Photographer ~ One year photo session

Caroline's family came to us for her one year session when their family photographer, a dear friend of ours, was too pregnant at the time to do her one year session!  She sent them our way and I'm so glad they booked us because this ended up being one of my very favorite cake smashes of all time.  I love all of the girly pink and the lighting at our front yard cherry tree was on point that evening.  We started off with some sweet portraits at the farm nearby and those were sweet too of course!  

wm Hill 14.jpg
wm Hill 15.jpg
wm Hill 25.jpg
wm Hill 22.jpg
wm Hill 32.jpg
wm Hill 34.jpg
wm Hill 35.jpg
wm Hill 37.jpg
wm Hill 39.jpg
wm Hill 43.jpg

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cake smash session!  SO pretty!

wm Hill 44.jpg
wm Hill 45.jpg
wm Hill 46.jpg
wm Hill 47.jpg

Boone ~ Newborn ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

Our great-nephew Boone came all the way from Valdosta Georgia for his newborn session!  He was so good to us!  Quite the cute little squish!

A lot of mamas come to us with Pinterest ideas and we definitely don't mind doing them and putting our own spin on them if we are able to!  Just leave us some creative liberties and don't fill up your entire session with Pinterest ideas and we are good to go!  Here's some requested Pinterest inspired shots from Boone's mama!

Brooks ~ 3 Weeks New ~ Warner Robins Georgia Newborn Photographer

Oh Brooks!  Something about this year's boys, I just want to eat every single one of them up!  This little guy was so little and precious.  I love his adorable little face.  Once again, hanging out with his parents was fun and didn't feel like work at all!  Just chill people that you definitely don't mind spending hours with...that is always a super awesome bonus to a cute baby!  Love our job so much.

I think green was his color...LOVE this one.  Later on I use a blue hat though and I'm pretty sure he was just as precious in it!  Big puffy heart.

Tiny piggies are always so adorable!

wm Brooks 11.jpg

New favorite baby and daddy hand shot!  Oh goodness!!  This baby!

Sweet gravy! <3

I just want to pinch his cheeks, just a widdle bit.

Olivia is One! ~ McDonough Georgia Baby Photographer ~

Now here's a cool then and now for you with the picture in the picture!  Love it! :)  LOVE that large print that mama brough too.  Woohoo for large wall prints.  DO IT.

Can't believe that Miss Livvie is one year old already.  Time flies when you're old...remember how if used to drag on so slowly when we were young though?!  16 would never come so we could drive and 18 would never come so we could go off to college and be independent.  Now we are just old and time is too fast lol.

Olivia is serious about eating and didn't mind AT ALL to get all up in her cake.  TORE IT UP.  Those messy shots are always so much fun.

Look at this next one lol, love it!!  Girl can eat some cake!

After all that mess it was time to get cleaned up!  The bath was the part she loved and smiled the most during!

Lucas ~ 13 Days New ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

13 day new Lucas was suuuucccchhh a precious little dude!  Look at him up there sleeping on that log as a precious fox!  LOVED him!  His squish was addictive and we just wanted to keep him so we could eat him up lol! :)

Those little feet sticking out!  So cute!!

wm Lucas 28.jpg

I love newborn baby feet pictures so much!!

New favorite mama/baby photo!!  Look at those smiles, eek!!!  So precious and sweet.

Those are some sweet, proud parents right there!  I know I use the word sweet a lot, but these guys were just so sweet to work with and so great and easy to hang with, that I just can't stop saying the word lol.

I love this next series in black and white.  Just snuggled up baby!  These types of shots always remind me what baby must look like all curled up inside mama's tummy.

Caroline ~ 6 Months ~ Jackon Georgia Baby Photographer

This adorable Then and Now brought to you by Sweet Caroline!  She was so smiley and fun for her six month pictures!  She gave us all some BIG laughs when she went so crazy in the bath pictures that she couldn't stay upright in the slick tub!  It was a trip! :)

Love her blue eyes with this blue blanket!

My very very favorite from this session is the next one!! Love her expression and the all of it! :)

Troy ~ 7 Months ~ Forsyth Georgia Baby Photographer

Look at this precious Then and Now shot!  Little Troy is the happiest, full of smiles little dude ever!  He is always so super flirty with Julie and gives her the biggest, best smiles!  Love this little dude!

This next one was a Pinterest recreation Troy's mom wanted to do based on a newborn photo she likes.  Love all the cream tones!

Seriously?!  Him in that hat, just too much cute!!

For this next one I couldn't decide which I like more the b&w or the about you?  Which is your favorite?

Cora ~ 9 Months ~ Macon Georgia Baby Photographer

It's a good thing in life to just keep getting cuter and cuter since what we do is grow older! :)  Cora is someone who started out cute and just keeps getting cuter by the session.  She's got such a fun personality and is such a joy to hang with!

Love her expression in this next one and you know I love a picture with kiddos and their fur friends!  Always so so sweet.

Then and Now shots are my faves!  Look at that little newborn nugget and now all big!

Hadley ~ 7 Months ~ McDonough Georgia Baby Photographer

Sweet little Hadley came to us for 7 months...way back when it was still warm (notice the bath picture lol).  I'm that far behind still!  So, I'm implementing a faster way to get this sessions blogged, hence the new blog boards!  Going to try this out for a few!  You'd rather see pictures without my commentary in between them anyway! ;)  She did great on the farm and gave us some really sweet smiles!