Cora is One! ~Macon Georgia Children's Photographer

I think it's amazing how things come back around in your life sometimes!  When I was in second grade and then again my fourth grade year,  Cora's grandma was my teacher and her daughter and I became friends and had sleepovers at her house when my parents had to work too late.  We had not seen each other for a hundred years but through FB got in touch again and now I get to be that friend's photographer for her sweet baby!  That's good stuff! 

Cora has always been SO happy (well when she was fighting me during her newborn session lol)!  She's one of those fun babies to be around because that adorable personality and spirit is contagious!  We love her!

Total sweetness!  Love this next one!

This is my new favorite cake smash!  I LOVE how she looks on the table with the white cherry blossoms in the background!

She was absolutely giddy that was she was being allowed to just dig into the cake and have some!!  Also how about how cute that cake is?!  Her mama made the baby, the cake and the cute tutu the baby is wearing! :P

Cute, happy little girl!!  She enjoyed her outdoor bath!