Frozen Minis Coming This July!!

Have you heard "Let it Go" so many times your ears may bleed?  If so, you must have a Frozen fan in the house lol! :)  What better way to one day show how much they love the movie Frozen than to have Frozen themed pictures as a forever keepsake.

Whether you have an Elsa, Anna or even an Olaf in your home...or all three...they will have a blast doing these pictures pretending they are their favorite characters from the movie. 

The best part is we even have a "snow" machine for them to play in for a bit for some really fun, carefree shots!

We have two choices for you--the full mini which is $200 for 10-15 photos on disc and the mini-mini for $100 and 5 photos on disc.  Contact us through our contact form here or email us at to set up your July Frozen Mini!!

**You bring the costumes and any items like stuffed Olafs you would like to use.**

We know this is something they will never forget!

Check out sweet Lucy as our awesome model! :)

wm Lucy Frozen 8.jpg

Snnnnooooowwwwwww!!  So much fun!

wm Lucy Frozen 18.jpg