Grayson's BIRTH day! :) ~ Locust Grove Georgia Newborn Photographer

Soooo I'm about three months behind on the blog posts I want to do, but that's ok! :)  I'm not sure what I would do if I actually wasn't behind!  Heh!
Each time that I've gotten to photograph a birth, words just cannot describe it really.  I know some people are all about photographing weddings and others love fancy model shoots...but birth and babies are what floats my boat.  They are the cheese on my cracker!  Just doesn't get any better to me. 

Grayson's mom started out as a client with her first child and quickly became a friend, so being there for Grayson's first moments, was special to me for many reasons!  I didn't get to see her actual birth since it was a c-section and they wouldn't let me back, but I got to capture all of the moments after and they were so sweet!

Meet baby girl Grayson, minutes new! :)

Every minute I was there was an honor to me!  To see more of this tiny nugget's first moments, check out the video.