Happy Birthday Lizzie! ~ Jackson Georgia Birth Photographer

Of all the photographs we have ever taken--even back when we did weddings--these birth sessions are the ones that are the most miraculous to me!  It is such an amazing honor and joy to watch the miracle of birth AND then to get to capture it in images that will be around forever for the family to look back on and remember AND for the child who is being born to see them someday...how amazingly awesome is that?!  There aren't enough words to describe how I feel about the whole thing.

Little Lizzie kept us on our toes and I couldn't get any sleep while waiting for the phone call to come to the hospital because I was so excited, so we just went ahead and waited in the waiting room to go ahead and be close!  She came REALLY fast once it was time and being there to photograph the entire story (along with our first birth we photographed) are two of the most special accomplishments in my life that I will never forget!

I wasn't allowed back in the nursery where Lizzie got her bath, so I changed some camera settings and handed my camera over to Dad and he grabbed those! :)

I'll let the video tell the rest!