Jen and Juni ~ Atlanta Georgia Family Photographer

There really aren't words for how sweet these two are together or how amazing Jen is at what she does!  She designed our website and we love it!  We told her what we wanted and she made it happen and is so easy to work with!  She genuinely cares and I think that's why her session was so amazing to me.  She and Juni love each other deeply and it shows.  These types of interaction shots really are my favorite thing to photograph.  Sooooo much better and so much more emotion then just smiling and staring at the camera! 

I have too many favorites from the session so let me just get started! :)

You can FEEL and SEE their love!

wm Jen 10.jpg
wm Jen 13.jpg
wm Jen 17.jpg
wm Jen 18.jpg
wm Jen 22.jpg
wm Jen 25.jpg

The tattoo is one Jen got modeled after her late mother's handwriting.  I love this shot SO much.

wm Jen 26.jpg
wm Jen 28.jpg

One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.  

wm Jen 31.jpg
wm Jen 34.jpg
wm Jen 38.jpg
wm Jen 40.jpg
wm Jen 41.jpg
wm Jen 42.jpg
wm Jen 44.jpg
wm Jen 45.jpg
wm Jen 48.jpg

Everything about this session re-sparked a passion for photography that I didn't even know I had lost.  These photographs are a piece of my heart, showing the love these two have for each other was incredible.  I want to do so much more of this.