Lucas ~ 13 Days New ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

13 day new Lucas was suuuucccchhh a precious little dude!  Look at him up there sleeping on that log as a precious fox!  LOVED him!  His squish was addictive and we just wanted to keep him so we could eat him up lol! :)

Those little feet sticking out!  So cute!!

wm Lucas 28.jpg

I love newborn baby feet pictures so much!!

New favorite mama/baby photo!!  Look at those smiles, eek!!!  So precious and sweet.

Those are some sweet, proud parents right there!  I know I use the word sweet a lot, but these guys were just so sweet to work with and so great and easy to hang with, that I just can't stop saying the word lol.

I love this next series in black and white.  Just snuggled up baby!  These types of shots always remind me what baby must look like all curled up inside mama's tummy.