Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Christmas minis last year were very interesting...we didn't consider that some of these itty bitty humans have NEVER experienced SNOW, ever!!  Whew buddy!  There were two teams--team love it and team HATE IT VERY VERY MUCH GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!  Haha!!  We had the fake snow that felt cool and wet like real snow and then we had a snow blew snow and could be kind of intimidating so saved it till the end of every session.  Good thing we did because some lost it when we turned it on and some cried just with the fake snow.  Definitely created some fun memories for parents! ;)

I have to say we saw more tears on this Christmas set than any other, hands down!!  Poor babies.

Older kiddos really loved it!!

wm Hawkins 9.jpg

Look how magical!  Went it went right, it was really right!  Love it!