Olivia ~ 9 Months ~ McDonough Georgia Baby Photographer

Little Olivia hates outfit changes, we know that now beyond a shadow of a doubt lol!  She's all good if she's not having to change...and really hams it up if she's half naked lol!  Clothes are just too restricting to be fun.  This was our first time shooting at Elliott Farms in Lizella Georgia and we loved the pumpkin patch!  A real life pumpkin patch...nowadays you see them just all sitting under a tent instead of getting to go out in the patch, so this was cool!  Ahhh the little things haha!

Olivia was the cutest pumpkin out there though. :)

Yep, this next one was because of an outfit change lol!  Had to get it though, priceless.

Love this gorgeous family picture in the flowers! 

Look right here...happy as a clam when wearing as little as possible lol!  So funny!  She was hamming it up big time.  Cutie!  Love her squishy legs!