Olivia is One! ~ McDonough Georgia Baby Photographer ~

Now here's a cool then and now for you with the picture in the picture!  Love it! :)  LOVE that large print that mama brough too.  Woohoo for large wall prints.  DO IT.

Can't believe that Miss Livvie is one year old already.  Time flies when you're old...remember how if used to drag on so slowly when we were young though?!  16 would never come so we could drive and 18 would never come so we could go off to college and be independent.  Now we are just old and time is too fast lol.

Olivia is serious about eating and didn't mind AT ALL to get all up in her cake.  TORE IT UP.  Those messy shots are always so much fun.

Look at this next one lol, love it!!  Girl can eat some cake!

After all that mess it was time to get cleaned up!  The bath was the part she loved and smiled the most during!