Raquelle ~ Two Years ~ Marietta Georgia Children's Photographer

Oh my goodness little Raquelle, seriously one of the cutest little things ever!  Her grandma has to be one of the nicest people we've ever met and was so excited to set this session up with us!  They drove from Marietta and it was our first session with little Miss cuteness! 

She tried to give us a run for our money here and there, but I pulled out my back of tricks and thankfully they worked!  Two year olds are fast and busy, you just have to play their game. :)

I love this big smile we got and how precious she is in the teepee her grandmother brought!  So precious!

I love these ones of Raquelle and her mama, clearly this is where she gets her beauty from!

When I took this photo I thought how if I got this excited to iron, my clothes would look so pro lol! :P

That was a very fun session and Raquelle rocked it out!