Sam ~ 4 Days New ~ Atlanta Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Precious Sam!  It is never lost on me, the amazing miracle a newborn baby is and when they come in as fresh as four days new...I'm always so thankful to the sweet mamas who dragged themselves off the sofa and managed to get a shower and leave the house when so exhausted. 

Sam is the THIRD sibling who has come to us for newborn pics from this family.  I love that so much!  That is a compliment...especially when the first one was way back in 2010 when we just barely knew what we were doing with these poses. 

Meet Sam, so smiley and so adorable.

Funny how your style and editing evolve over time!  Sam has two big sisters to look out for him and here they are for their sessions! 

Smiles again....

and then no smiles lol!  So cute!  I love how he even has the arm up! 

wm Sam 16 bw.jpg

I always love the simplicity of this pose and that you can see those adorable newborn baby arm pits....yeah you know you love babies when you even love their arm pits lol.