Madison and Charlotte (First Session of 2010)

What a very pleasant way to start off the first sessions of 2010!! I really wanted to end 2009 on a great note and begin 2010 on one as well...and was stoked when it happened! :) Madison and Charlotte were perfect little models. Mom warned me that Charlotte probably wouldn't smile or cooperate very well---so when we got that first smile, we knew we were rockin'!

Madison is 5 years old and Charlotte just turned 6 months old and they came all the way from Kennesaw to visit us for pictures. They are some of the most adorable kiddos ever and when Mom broke out all the tutus, hats and flower headbands--we were instantly in love!

There were WAY too many favorites and I couldn't narrow them down--so I'm blogging half of their session, lol!

Look at these expressions!! Favs!

A lot of grandkids! :)

A friend of mine from work sewed some couch cushion covers for us along with some gifts for Julie's sisters...she is an AMAZING seamstress! She can make any type of clothing, cushion---you name it, I'm pretty sure she can make it! To say "thank you" for the awesome things she created for us, we did a holiday mini session for her. She made those entire outfits you see on all four of her grandchildren---the crocheted sweaters were completely amazing!

I literally got ONE picture of the four of them together--with TWO two year olds, one 9 month old and a 10 month old...I feel pretty lucky just to have the one! ;)

Lyndzie, two years old

Rylei, two years old

Her brother Reid, 9 months old

And Kylie on the left, 10 months old

And this is her youngest daughter of four--Julia Robert's little mini me--Robin!

Brahm 6 Months Old

"The Baby Who Smiled The Entire Session" that is who Brahm is known as from our site. My Mom will say, "When are you going to see the baby that smiled the whole time?" I think he might be her favorite...we aren't allowed to pick favs you know? Just like with your children---the kind with two legs and/or four legs and fur---all of these guys on here are like our babies! :)

Brahm has become a little more serious in his ripened age of three months older than last time we saw him. He still gave us some smiles, but he was WAY more into just being left alone to admire his hands or have some chill out time. You would never know that though, because of all the sweet smiles and faces we did get! :)

Brahm's Mom (heeee that rhymes!!!) brought this cute brown hat...should of "accidentally" forgotten to give it back. Darn.

Could there really be anything cuter than a heart-shaped baby booty? Seriously, look at it---it's a heart!

Sadie 6 Months Old

Cutie-pie Sadie was back for her 6 month pictures and Mom has been shopping on Etsy! :) Oh how we love some Etsy! Sadie looked so super cute in her little blue tutu, angel wings and pearls! :) We threw in a red hat for fun and Sadie provided us with numerous precious little moments! You could never tell by looking at these that Sadie's patience for picture taking didn't last very long this time, but I think we got some great ones before she was done!

Look at this girl's gorgeous eyes!!

Had to post these two of the family, love how they look on the ginormous fallen tree!

Brahm 3 Months Old

Brahm's Mom and Dad came to us from Colt and Brodie's parents and it still remains true, we get awesome new clients from awesome previous clients! Brahm was the easiest little guy to "work" with---and probably wins the MonkeyBean Photos BEST personality award! He was so sweet and was bustin' out smiles and precious looks all over the place. I hope we get to take more photos of this little guy down the road...I've got some ideas with him actually wearing Mom or Dad's firefighter helmets when he's older! :)

How many people does it take to get a picture of a 3 month old sleeping who fights it harder than anyone? This time it took 4! :) Mom and Dad are super lucky though because this little guy stays awake during the day and sleeps at night! Can't beat that!

Next three are my top favs! Look at that sweet face looking at mama!

Erin and Dwayne, thank you for driving all the way from Roswell to have Brahm's pictures made, we hope to see you guys many more times!

Sadie 2 1/2 Months Old

We recently met some of the most genuinely nice people ever! We left Sadie's session/family session after receiving hugs from both her Mom and Dad---Lindsay and David. They were so friendly and easy to work with and we know that anyone who is lucky enough to call them "friends" are truly some blessed people.

Sadie is 2 1/2 months old and is a very happy, easy baby to "work" with. She never got fussy and the only thing that was difficult during the session was getting some cute sleeping shots. She literally only slept for about 10 minutes during the 3 hour session! But that is OK because I told her I would win---and I sort of did because I was able to get some sleeping shots...I guess she really won though because she held out in the end. :) Later we met with her parents, grandparents on both sides and a set of great-grandparents (whom we ABSOLUTELY adore now) at Indian Springs for a family session. That sneak peek is coming a little later!

Helping herself to the puffy cheetos blanket:

Does she look like she's plotting something in the next one on the right?

Love...or maybe some smothering from big brother Scooter...

One on the right...quite possibly my very favorite!

Cooper At 6 Months

I can't really describe how awesome it is to be able to see a cute little nugget like Cooper grow up! We started out with Coop's pictures at three months and it's already six months! Time really flies and they grow so quickly. Once again it was fun seeing what kind of shots we could get of the little cutie and he gave us way more smiles this time. I couldn't believe how content he was to be shoved down in the over-sized teacup! :)

This was little Coop at 3 months:

And now at six months:


Barrett's Cake Smashing

Monday marked a lot of firsts...first time meeting Barrett and his family (though his Aunt is a second grade teacher at my school and his Grandma is the Learning Support Specialist), first time meeting a dog named Meg, first time using the white background paper and sheet of plexi-glass AND the first time we've ever done a cake smashing photo session. It was ALL fun. :)

Barrett, Meg, Mom, and Dad were all super nice and easy to work with and watching an almost one year old tear into icing for the first time was very entertaining. Though we probably have all wanted to at one time or another, as adults none of us have torn into icing and smeared it all over our faces like Barrett had the chance to do Monday. How fun is that?!

After his sugar rush, he was quickly bathed and we went over to Indian Springs so that he could chill out with his best buddy Meg and make a metal tub look as comfy as a recliner.

Good times.

Before digging in...and way after!


I think Mom needs a huge canvas in one of these! I wanted to show what a difference a little bit of processing makes in one's the before and after of the same fav. depends on the mood I'm in--tonight I like them both equally.

Thanks Erin and Brad, we had a lot of fun with your little cutie, and hope to do it again someday! :)

Cooper At Three Months

Cutie-pie I could have squeezed the circulation right out of him...wouldn't have though, he might not would have appreciated that too much! :) Talk about a sweet boy with a great smile and perfect squishabilty (yes, I make up words)...Cooper has it all really. What's really awesome is that we'll get to see this little guy grow up in photos because his Mom is having his six, nine, and twelve month photos done too! It doesn't get much better than that, and we're excited because you can tell by how cute he is now, that it's only going to get better and better! :)

The last time you guys saw Cooper on MonkeyBean, he looked pretty much like this:

This is Coop now:

He quickly got the nickname "Mowgli" from Jungle Book after sporting the diaper cover we brought over. So cute!

These next two are a surprise for Jonathan...Katie went upstairs and grabbed his old high school football helmet to pose with Cooper. Dad loves football, Mom likes a little selective the second one is a little present for both. :)

These next few are my very favorites...sort of a montage of the many expressions of Cooper...TOO ADORABLE!

Katie and Jonathan, we can't wait till next time to see what kinds of stuff we can put Coop ON or IN when he's 6 months old, lol!

Ethan and Noah Part 2

Ready for the overload of cuteness?! You're sure you can handle it right?! I can't make you all sign a waiver saying that you won't fall out from not being able to stand the adorable, pleasant, cuteness that is coming up...but I thought I should warn you just to be fair. Sometimes I'm nice like that. :) I also can't be held accountable if these images want to make you have one or two more bundles of joy of your please don't let your upset husbands have my home address. :)

Some of my critics weren't big fans of the bunny hats, so I dare not ask them what they think of my fun Seuss hats! hee!

Thanks again Marla for trusting us with your brand new, precious packages---they were excellent and made it way too easy for us!

Ethan and Noah 10 Days New

I know I have other photo shoots to finish editing...but I just couldn't resist any longer--surely after you guys see these, you'll see why! I mean, wow! I won't even try to find the words to express how happy I am to have had the opportunity to take pictures of such cute newborn twins! Ethan and Noah were great for us. Thank you so much Marla for letting us spend a few hours with your new, precious boys.

Now on to the cuteness!

"A brother is a friend given by nature." -unknown


We told Ethan the most hilarious joke:


He seems to be done with us:

More will definitely be coming later! :)

Brodie and Colt

We had fun playing with Brodie and Colt at Indian Springs last Saturday! Brodie just turned 3 years old and Colt is 9 months old. We had to be lightning fast to catch up with Brodie...but since Colt can't walk yet, I was able to grab him up a lot and get some seriously nice, squishy baby hugs! I pretty much fell in love with him and wasn't really wanting to give him back in the end. Unfortunately, he was too big to smuggle away in my camera bag. :)

Here's big brother Brodie:

And baby brother Colt:

"Togetherness" shots weren't really working out too well that day, but we do have a's a little proof that they were in the same place at the same time! :)

Those amazing green eyes and that adorable smile...LOVE.