Emma is five and Turner is three! ~ Macon Georgia Family Photographer

We've been taking this family's photos for a couple of years now and their sessions always seem to fall on the hottest days of the year each time!  This year wasn't so bad...but was still hot! :)  So glad we talked them into an urban session in downtown Macon this time for some variety!  Always love going there!  They are such a good looking crew!

wm Kinnebrew 8.jpg

Outfit change and new location time and we spotted Superman off to save the city! :)

Emily ~ Three Years ~ Macon Georgia Children's Photographer

Little Emily is already three, I can't even believe it!  Time flies when you are old! ;)  She rocked out her session as usual and even got Mom and Dad in on a few pics.  We love this family.

Pretty little thing!

Emily's Mom came up with the lights in the tree to make her tea party so pretty since there weren't any flowers or greenery in December.  I LOVE how it turned out.  So sweet.

Emily LOVES Disney princesses....esp CInderella so it was absolutely a must that her three year pictures portray that love!  So much fun!

You know if Cinderella were ironing a Santa dress, she would most definitely bibbidi Bobbidi Boo it with her wand.  Most definitely.

I love how our pallet house turned out all dressed up for Christmas!

I don't know how we get so lucky to know and love such sweet, funny, loving little kiddos!  This one right here is one of them for sure.

Aubrie is One! ~ Macon Georgia Baby Photographer

This pretty little girl gave her parents and us a run for our money when it came to getting smiles for her session!  You would NEVER know by looking at the pics that she really just wanted to snuggle with Mom and wasn't feeling the love for a photo shoot!  BUT, everyone worked hard and it paid off.  Look at that gorgeous smile below!

                                 She was a little firecracker for newborn pics too but still gave us some smiles! :)

                                 She was a little firecracker for newborn pics too but still gave us some smiles! :)

                                                             Pretty little thing!!  She had such pretty dresses too.

                                                             Pretty little thing!!  She had such pretty dresses too.

Emily ~ Two Years Old ~ Macon Georgia Children's Photographer

Emily is already two!!  We are good friends with Emily's parents and have good times hanging out with them!  Love them in fact! :)  I love sessions with old friends, knocking on their door with a pizza and visiting after pictures!  We *just* barely got the session completed without any rain!  Woohoo!  Emily was a champ and gave us some of the cutest pictures ever...and big sister Maggie too! :)

Love all of these, but this one is just too cute!

Merry? ;)  She only cried for a few seconds.

Really Merry! :)

This ons is so sweet it's redonk!!  I loved it so much, I have to post the color and b&w version!!

She's had our sled in her newborn pics, one year ones and now two year!!  So cool! 

Precious girl!

I had a print of a little girl riding off on a big wheel and always wanted to have my own picture replicating that.  So stoked to have grabbed this one!

April, Jamie, and Cameron's Family Session/Fearless Bride

One of my TOP favorite sessions EVER! April wanted some family pictures for Christmas cards and we thought since it basically monsoon-ed her entire wedding day, that she should bring along her dress and have a "Fearless Bride" session--most often called "Trash The Dress" but that seems to have so much of a negative tone, and you don't really trash your dress...so we don't call it that.

We LOVE working with this family--from their engagement photos, their wedding and now this session, they've always trusted us to choose the perfect location for them and they love when we do some more creative things like putting one person in focus and the other blurred....so given that kind of creative freedom, we love to go wild! This session was nothing but fun and we got some seriously HOT images!

This next one is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Cameron had a little mini session of his own while April and Jamie changed...

April is the most fearless bride we know, so it's perfect that she was the first for this type of session!

This next one has such a cool weirdness with the selective coloring, it's one of our favs!

Majorly in love with this next one!