Madison and Charlotte (First Session of 2010)

What a very pleasant way to start off the first sessions of 2010!! I really wanted to end 2009 on a great note and begin 2010 on one as well...and was stoked when it happened! :) Madison and Charlotte were perfect little models. Mom warned me that Charlotte probably wouldn't smile or cooperate very well---so when we got that first smile, we knew we were rockin'!

Madison is 5 years old and Charlotte just turned 6 months old and they came all the way from Kennesaw to visit us for pictures. They are some of the most adorable kiddos ever and when Mom broke out all the tutus, hats and flower headbands--we were instantly in love!

There were WAY too many favorites and I couldn't narrow them down--so I'm blogging half of their session, lol!

Look at these expressions!! Favs!