Valentine Minis 2016 ~ Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

This was probably our cutest Valentine's Day mini set yet...and our clients apparently agreed because we booked more for these than any of our other V-day sets! :)  I'm still in love with all of the red, white and pink and all of the adorable kiddos looking so sweet!  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite faux holidays!

These precious nuggets rocked out their Valentine's Day photos!  Love!!

Grayson ~ 8 Months ~ Locust Grove Georgia Baby Photographer

I think this session of Grayson was my favorite yet!  She smiled and laughed a ton and somehow gets cuter and cuter! :)  Love her!

Such a happy little cutie!

A lot of clients tell me they come to us for our props and sets...and that is great but I think you need some images in your session that aren't all about the props!  Simple and sweet is so classic and timeless.

Speaking of sets and props though...Grayson rocked out her Harry Potter set.  We don't own anything HP related but have best friends that love it...and Grayson's mama loves it.  Mix the HP memorabilia all together with a seriously adorable little girlie and it's magic! ;) 

SO stinkin' cute!!!  Gah!

Abbey and Maddie at Indian Springs ~ Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

It was a beautiful Fall day at Indian Springs with even more beautiful girls to take photos of!  These two have been with us since one was a toddler and one was a newborn!!  Can't believe it and how much they have grown.  They are so fun and so beautiful!

A sister is the best gift!

Oh they are so cute!!

Could the leaf color be anymore awesome in this area of Indian Springs State Park?

wm harp blog.jpg

After the "serious" photos were done, they got to have some good fun in their Halloween costumes!  Poor Red Riding Hood!1 :P

Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Christmas minis last year were very interesting...we didn't consider that some of these itty bitty humans have NEVER experienced SNOW, ever!!  Whew buddy!  There were two teams--team love it and team HATE IT VERY VERY MUCH GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!  Haha!!  We had the fake snow that felt cool and wet like real snow and then we had a snow blew snow and could be kind of intimidating so saved it till the end of every session.  Good thing we did because some lost it when we turned it on and some cried just with the fake snow.  Definitely created some fun memories for parents! ;)

I have to say we saw more tears on this Christmas set than any other, hands down!!  Poor babies.

Older kiddos really loved it!!

wm Hawkins 9.jpg

Look how magical!  Went it went right, it was really right!  Love it!

Sparky is One!! / Jackson Georgia Family and Pet Photographer

I'm so behind on posting that this was from LAST YEAR!!  Yikes.  Better late than never I guess.  Sweet boy Sparky is the fur-kid to our best friend!  Their yard is gorgeous in the Fall and was the perfect backdrop to this sweet boy's one year session!  It was so much fun! :)

He LOVED playing in the leaves!!

He LOVED playing in the leaves!!

Big brother Liam got in on some photo action too!  Love these!

These next there are my faves!

Annie of course couldn't miss out on some of Sparky's cake!

Of course we had to do a then and now of the little cutie.  Look how he was just a bundle of fluff!

Lizzie is One! ~ Jackson Georgia Family Photographer

Little Lizzie is one and shared some photos with her big sister Lucy along with Mom and Dad!  I still can't believe I got to photograph this little cutie coming into the world!

Love this sweetness!

wm Sowell 11.jpg
wm Sowell 18.jpg

I think she liked it best when she got to ditch everyone else and the photos got to be all about her lol!  She's was having some fun then!

First time taking a picture of a piggie eating a Ritz haha!

So dang cute!!!

Cailyn ~ Jackson High School Senior 2016 ~ Middle Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer

This senior happens to be a Star Student and chose me as her Star Teacher!  That is such an incredible honor especially since it was way back in Elementary school Art that I taught her! We had a blast exploring the graffiti walls in Little Five Points in Atlanta!  There's some really cool stuff there to use as backgrounds, especially for senior portraits!

Her outfit was perfect for this location!  Love the red, white and black with the teal background on this building.

wm Cailyn 38.jpg

Too cool for school. :)

This girl is pretty but also smart, kind, artistic, funny and easy to be around. 

Lily 3.5 and Bo 18 months ~ Jackson Georgia Baby and Children Photographer

This was a gorgeous Fall day, the perfect kind of day for a session with these two cuties!  Bo definitely gave us a run for our money this time....when you are 18 months you don't have time for someone else's agenda, he needed to run and play!  In the end we got him!  The session was mainly for Bo's 18 month session but big sister got in on some action too! 

Just look at this smiles on this first one!

He was fine if he could choose the pose he was going to do lol!

Mom wanted to recreate the same shot from Lily's 18 month session in 2013 so here's big sister back then!

Here's Bo's shot at 18 months in the same location!  Recreation shots are fun, I love it when it's my own shot I'm recreating lol...from Pinterest it's not always so fun! :P

That's some kind of cuteness right here! 

I'm pretty sure he knows how dapper he was looking and how edible he is as well!

Two precious turkeys!

Jarod ~ Senior Class of 2016 ~ Skipstone Academy Senior Class Photographer

I'm not sure why it is, but we always get the smart kiddos for our senior sessions and we love it!  We get band members, Valedictorians, Salutatorians and artsy kiddos!  We get the nice kiddos, not the snot heads and I love that too! :) 

Jarod is Skipstone Academy's Class of 2016 Salutatorian and is just as nice and easy-going as he is intelligent!  He was so fun to work with during his senior session!  We used some of our favorite spots throughout downtown Macon and he rocked them all out!

Congratulations to Jarod for an awesome senior year!  We hope he has a blast in college.

This next one in black and white is one of my very favorites!

He's a handsome guy and I'm pretty jealous of his amazing hair!!

Too cool for school! :)

The Castellanos do the fair ~ Griffin Georgia Family Photo Session ~ Jonesboro Georgia Family Photographer

Oh this family!  They are too too cute and fun to hang with as well!!  They are the faces behind the amazing catering service The Grand Gourmet and their food is as amazing as they are!! :)  We don't know many people who can juggle one child and a business much less four children and a very successful business and do it with humor and grace. 

These guys are the complete package and we are so excited we get to work with them!  We love their food and their family! :)

They guy who ran this game was so sweet to let us use his counter even though he could get in trouble for it!

Bram Bram---the most gorgeous little guy ever!

They are the perfect family for a fun family photo session at the fair! 

My favorite! 

Zoey at Halloween ~ Warner Robins Baby and Children Photographer

Yes, this is a session from last October!! :PI got so behind on my blogging because of my own little precious angel entering the world and wanting to spend time with her!  Have some adorable sessions I want to share though and this is one of my favorites from the year!  Zoey is adorable and rocked out her costume session as Supergirl, Minnie and a precious penguin!  Her mamas are so lucky to have such an adorable little sweetheart!

This next one is too dang cute to me!!  She really looks like she's reading that comic book!

Most precious penguin ever!

The Barnes Family ~ Macon Georgia Children and Family Photographer

Oh this sweet family is just the most precious!  Mom and Dad's love and passion for foster care and adoption is just off the charts!  They are always taking in more kiddos to foster but these three precious nuggets are theirs forever!  They found us through the Red Thread Sessions website and we are so glad they did!  We loved doing these photos for their adorable family!

These three are too cute!

Love this!!