Abbey 4 and Maddie Jane 3 ~ Dallas Georgia Children's Photographer

We have been taking pictures of these two cuties for four years now!  It really doesn't seem that long, time sure flies!  We took them to a new park we found in Atlanta and had a blast!

We love these little ladies!

Maddie is growing up so fast!!  She's such a pretty little thing!  Can't believe this session was for her 3 year pics!

Oh this expression, haha!  Love it!

Big sister Abbey got in on the photo action too and I really just can't believe how much she looks like a miniature grown girl!

Love this one!  So sweet and so pretty!

This is totally one of my top faves ever.  I love every siingle thing about the ultimate cuteness in this pic.


Phoebe ~ 10 Days New ~ Atlanta Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Little Phoebe was a dream!  She even let us pose her on a tennis racket and didn't wake up.  That's pretty amazing!  So good and sleepy!  Love it when mamas come back for baby number two also!  We photographed big sister Zoe when she was a newborn and then at one year old this past summer!

How about a gorgeous Valentine's princess.  Lurve!

Sometimes it's the sweetest when they pick their own poses.

We are so loving our mini blankets from our friends at PeetiePie!

Daddy plays tennis!  This was our first tennis prop baby. :)

She's so pretty!  Love these next two so much!!

Jackson ~ 11 Days New ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

These boys that are born in 2014 are going to have lots of beautiful girls to choose from when they are older lol!  I can't even believe how many girls we've had to just a couple of boys.  I wonder if the year will finish out with more boys!  We shall see! ;)  Jackson's parents were so easy to hang and chat with.  Always love it when that happens.

He was a tiny little nugget!

Looking so cute in my new bear hat!

So so cute!! 

Loved his little toes sticking out from his blanket!

He would not let me have those hands, such a little fist clencher lol!  So cute though.


Faith ~ 3 Days New ~ Locust Grove Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

We were SO stoked when fellow photog/friend Amy with Amy E Photography asked us to photograph her brand new baby girl Faith.  We were even MORE stoked that she wanted the pictures done as soon as possible, so she brought her in at THREE days new!  That's our newest newborn session yet!  In love.  We adore baby Faith.  She's the sweetest little thing.  We have had some oppotunites to snuggle with her since her session and just can't get enough of her!  Big puffy heart!

I forgot to mention that she was born on JulieBean's birthday!!

A baby sandwich in Daddy's arms. :) So presh.

She has the prettiest little face and lips!

It was unseasonably warm that day for January!!  She didn't make a peep out there for a few photos.  Was snug as a bug.  We were all super excited that we got to take her outside!

Daddy is a firefighter.  This was our first time ever getting the "baby in the helmet" shot.  Love it!

She seriously was such a perfectly sleepy angel for her session!  So so snuggly and sweet.

Delaney and Dylan ~ 2014 ~ Navarre Beach Florida Children's Photographer

Went to visit our Florida framily for a few days and had to get some new photos of the kiddos!  It was SO crazy windy and cold on the beach that evening but the sunset was TOTALLY gorgeous.  The kids did great too.  We had a really fun time!

Sooo sweet!

The side where the sun wasn't setting looked like this!  So pretty too.  Navarre Beach has WAY prettier sunsets than Key West.  No joke.

Little photogs warm my heart.

Valentine's Day Minis 2014

We love Valentine's Day, it's just so pretty!  We weren't going to do a V-day mini but once we thought up how adorable our teepee from She's Dainty He's Dapper would look done up with hearts, we couldn't help ourselves!

Love how these turned out!  Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of red, pink, heart-filled cuteness.  It's soooo sweet!

Maverick ~ 3 Weeks New ~ Griffin Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Our first newborn boy for 2014 after three girls!!  Maverick slept like a champ and had a quick, easy session!  I loved spiking up his sweet hair and of course HAD to put some Top Gun glassses on him!  Those glasses are actually from a Top Gun costume that our friends wore to a 40th birthday 80's-90's dress up party we threw for Julie(Bean) and our friend Meg.  SO once we knew this guy's name is Maverick, it had to be done!

He rocked them like a boss.  The Mave.

So sweet and snuggly!

So sweet!!  Love this!

This is his hair when he's going to work or a job interview...

This is his hair when it's time to party.

Olivia ~ 11 Days New ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Another newborn girl for 2014!!  Sweet Olivia was so easy and precious to us during her session!  She slept like a champ, must have been all that fantastic squish she has! :D  We loved posing this beauty!

Sweet bubbles!

She let us pose those sweet hands beautifully each time!  Loved her!

Loved her precious squish rolls. :)

Olivia is a little beauty that looks great on any color!

Thomas is One! ~ Part One ~ McDonough Georgia Children's Photographer

Thomas was teething pretty badly and ended up being sick with a stomach bug later on that evening so it totally explained why he just wasn't feeling into his session.  We took a few pics and decided to revisit one year pictures once the weather is super nice outside and on a better day where he feels great!

You can't tell by these happy pics that he was pretty miserable and not feeling it the majority of the session.  Poor guy wouldn't touch his smash cake and didn't want to play in water/bubbles either.

SO cute!!

Ellena ~ 7 Days New ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Catching up on blogging still. Ellena was our second newborn of 2014 and another little feisty one! :)  2014 has been FULL of baby girls for us, can't even believe how many newborn girls we've had this year so far. 

This little sweetie looks just like her Daddy  His little mini me. :)

So snuggly!

Ellena's Mom is a teacher and their mascot is the panda so her co-workers gave her a giant panda.  Love when parents bring something that could possibly be a challenge to get a photo with and then we pull it off.  Super sense of accomplishment there for sure!  Go Jackson Elementary pandas!

Yaaaawwwwnnn! :)

Hunter and Kendall ~ Twin Newborns ~ Atlanta Georgia Twin Newborn Photographers

We've never ever had boy/girl newborn twins before!  They were so cute!  They definitely made us work for it though...if you've ever been around twins, you know that they RARELY do the same thing at the same time lol.  So we'd have one sleeping soundly and the other would be wide awake and hungry.  Once one was almost done eating, the other would wake up and want to be fed!  Haha!  That's just how it goes with twins.  They are precious enough that it's worth it lol.

This one is my absolute favorite.

And this one!  Goodness gracious, so stinking adorable.

Kendall on the right, was the feisty one--always trying to beat up her brother, so we made her be the polar bear, haha! Check out her gorgeous lips!

Cutie pie Hunter

Pretty little Kendall

Our friend Jessica with She's Dainty He's Dapper custom made these sweet hats for them!

Love love love!

Molly ~ Three Years ~ Stockbridge Georgia Children's Photographer

Molly really warmed up to us for this session, must have been the candy lol! :)  She is a sweetie with some super fun facial expressions lol!

These two crack me up! :)

Her Mom brought a ton of candy to go with our candy store backdrop, I think it turned out so cute!  It was fun unwrapping all that candy as well...and clearly Molly was digging it!


Precious little sister MaCoy got in on the modeling action! :)

Love this!

The Jacobs Family ~ Atlanta Georgia Family Photographer

You may have noticed the super fantastic new website/blog design we have happening here!  That is all thanks to the amazeballs efforts of Jennifer Jacobs!  She listened to everything I wanted for our site and did what I wanted and more!  Couldn't ask for better than that.  Check out her facebook page for her business here.  If you want a brand new website, an update to one you already have, any of it...she's your chick!

She also designed us some new, fantastic t-shirts which will be showing off sometime soon! :)

Anywho, here is her sweet family!  It was the first session we ever had with a cat...add on the two family dogs and a toddler and things were very interesting.  ;)  BUT we did it, we worked our pet wrangling, toddler wrangling magic and even got one where EVERYONE is looking at the camera.  Yep, felt pretty good about ourselves after that one!

Look at those gorgeous eyes and lips on Juniper!  So pretty!

Aside from a family picture, Jen's only request was having a shot of her mother's handwriting tatoo with Juniper.  Sweet!

The Stephens Family ~ Jackson Georgia Family Photographer

Anderson's family wanted a quick session at the local tree farm for some Christmas photos...yes I'm still blogging sessions from the end of 2013. Oops. ;)  The last time we saw Anderson, he was three weeks new!

And here he is now!! :)  Showing off some new sitting up skills.

So cute!

His cousins got in on the photo action pics with our Naughty and Nice signs! :)

LOVE this one!

Bowen ~ One Month ~ Griffin Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Little Bowen was already a month old when he came to us for pictures so we didn't expect him to do quite the same things as a brand new baby!  He absolutely would not sleep for hours, so we decided to put a plain white onesie on him and boom, he slept!  Not quite a typical naked baby session, but at least he was sleeping and Mom was getting some shots.  I love how sweet they turned out!  Babies make the rules...maybe Bowen was just super modest. ;)

LOVE this one!!

Once we knew we had enough shots to complete his session, we were brave and undressed him for a few, then he woke up again. :)

Cooper ~ 6 Days New ~ Covington Georgia Newborn Photographer

All these sweet boys!  Love them!!  They are such good little sleepers and Cooper was no exception.  Slept like a champ.  You know if you can put one in a toy dumptruck and they stay asleep for a few shots, you've got yourself a great, easy sleeper.  He's such a squishy cutie too!

The truck was his Mom's main request.  Nailed it! :)  Thanks to him though.  If he wasn't feeling it, there's no way we could have pulled it off.

He was sleeping so great, I pushed my luck for a different angle too! :D

He totally rocked out this adorable set!

Such a sweetie!

Look at those lashes!

Love this so much!  Grey and red are magical....with an adorable baby! :)

Levi ~ 10 Days New ~ Atlanta Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Little Levi was so sweet and easy for his session!  We had a great time getting to know his Mom and had some wonderful chats about all sorts of cool stuff!  He's a handsome little guy!

So cute!!

Look at that sweet smile! 

He moved from one setup to the next without waking!  Such a great little sleeper.

More and more, I love the simple ones the best!