Amber and Ben's Wedding

Amber and Ben's ceremony was at the Hollis House in Forsyth, Georgia. It rained throughout most of the week before and there were threats that it would rain on Saturday as well...but it turned out to be a very beautiful day! Our favorite word to describe Amber and Ben's wedding day is enchanting. From the music they chose for the processional, the way their parents danced with each other, and how well their friends took care of them throughout the day---it was all somehow very enchanting and endearing.

To say Amber is a HUGE Gone With The Wind fan, would be the biggest understatement of the century...the movie and characters played a very large part in her special day.

Grab a snack before sitting back for the forty-something pictures to load--I know that's a lot, but when a couple has so many great moments throughout their day, it's best to tell the story from the beginning to the end. :)

Her main request: plenty of pictures with the upstairs window...

OK, these next ones are from the funniest story of the day---Shaun, the best man, was trying to get Ben's nephew, Travis, to pose for a few more pictures by offering him an Altoid---THE CURIOUSLY STRONG MINT! Well, it was definitely curiously strong to Travis---after a couple of seconds, his face turned red and he ran back into the house saying that he couldn't breathe! How cute is that?! ;)

SO sweet moment with Mom--

Ben seeing his bride for the first time--

I just love the look on Amber's Dad's face in the next one! I think every girl should have a picture of herself dancing with Dad. I think it's one of those that will be the most cherished one day.

And then I love this one of Ben's parents dancing together...look at that, you can tell that is true love. And yes, the sky really was two different shades of blue because of the rain cloud. :)

We've never been to a wedding where the people boogied quite this great! I believe this is Ben's great-Aunt who is shaking her groove thang so well! She was the best! You really should have been there when "Baby Got Back" started playing...priceless.

We loved both sets of parents and they were super nice to us throughout the entire day...and Ben's Mom put the icing on the cake when she ran over to the car when they were leaving to tell them, "CALL ME...EVERYDAY!!" How precious is that?!

Hope you guys had a blast in Disney and that you enjoy your pictures!