Introducing The Newest Prop

Not the cute kids...they aren't our newest prop, but they are officially models for MBP! ;) The bed is the newest prop that we had to invent more space for! We are sooooooo excited to have finally had our first "trial" session with the bed, we were impatiently waiting around like kiddos on Christmas morning for all of the components to arrive and fall into place.

Jennifer was extremely nice and BRAVE to let her sweet babies out in one of the coldest, windiest October days we've seen in Georgia. We couldn't bare to get too many pictures of them in the white outfits because of how chilly it was---but think we got enough to pull off the look we were going for. Also the pjs were a fun way to show something else that can be done with the bed.

This is the debut of our newest session option we like to call, "Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!" and because of the extent of what goes into setting up this type of session, the bed cannot be used in any other type of session. It's a session in itself and will cost an additional $50.00 added on to any disc and/or print collection. 

Thank you Jennifer for letting us borrow your kiddos---it was FUN even though it was COLD! :) We hope you and lots of other folks enjoy the jumping monkeys!

So I tell Jay to give big sister Julia a's what that looks like!

And then this...LOL!