Danielle and Kaeden

Danielle is in the 5th grade and her little brother Kaeden is in kindergarten and are both Art students of mine. I can't believe I've taught Danielle since kindergarten--in fact her class was my very first kindergarten group--so as of this school year, it's the class I've taught the longest! Danielle is one of those students that you wouldn't mind having for years and years because she is so sweet and perfectly behaved! Certainly can't say that about them all. ;) I believe Kaeden is going to be one of those too and it was fun to see them both in a setting outside of school.

Before any of my favorite critics grow concerned about the next one...I know the lighting is pretty dramatic, but to me this kind of drama is a good thing. :)

Gorgeous girl!

For this next set I wanted you to see how Kaeden tried to pretend like he wasn't going to smile for most of the session! It went something like this, "I'm not going to smile big, nope...not gonna do it....LOL!" If I waited long enough he went from just a teeny tiny smile, to a slightly bigger smile, then an all out laugh! :) Cutie.

Lindsey I hope you love the turn out from their first professional outdoor session! Maybe we got you hooked!! ;)