Cooper At Nine Months

Oh man, little Coop...I can hardly wait each three month increment to see this little cutie in person. I love when his Mom posts new pictures of him on facebook so I can get my little dose of Coopie! This kiddo has only gotten cuter and cuter since we've first taken his pictures and since we only get older in life, it's surely a good thing to keep growing cuter and cuter! :) I think about how maybe we'll be taking this guy's senior pictures, then his wedding pictures...WOW! How awesome would that be?! It's too amazing to be growing older right alongside someone that you get to see grow and change through pictures. We ADORE this cutie!

9 monthers are perfect, more expressions and they still can't quite run away from you yet...his next set of pictures will be a different story!

I call this next one, "A Coop in a coupe." Sorry, couldn't help myself!

Coop's Mom brought this awesome Santa costume....could this be any cuter?!

I have to show a little bit of what it's like with someone who has discovered crawling...if Cooper didn't want to be somewhere, he had no troubles with removing himself from the situation! The rest of us thought it would be super cute if he would sit behind the frame and look at the camera, he had other plans. These are funny!