April, Jamie, and Cameron's Family Session/Fearless Bride

One of my TOP favorite sessions EVER! April wanted some family pictures for Christmas cards and we thought since it basically monsoon-ed her entire wedding day, that she should bring along her dress and have a "Fearless Bride" session--most often called "Trash The Dress" but that seems to have so much of a negative tone, and you don't really trash your dress...so we don't call it that.

We LOVE working with this family--from their engagement photos, their wedding and now this session, they've always trusted us to choose the perfect location for them and they love when we do some more creative things like putting one person in focus and the other blurred....so given that kind of creative freedom, we love to go wild! This session was nothing but fun and we got some seriously HOT images!

This next one is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Cameron had a little mini session of his own while April and Jamie changed...

April is the most fearless bride we know, so it's perfect that she was the first for this type of session!

This next one has such a cool weirdness with the selective coloring, it's one of our favs!

Majorly in love with this next one!