Brooke and Chris's Wedding Part 1

Part 1 because these photos don't even scratch the surface of the day's photos...we started pictures at 12pm and ended around 10pm so there's a lot to sift through and edit! I couldn't stand to wait any longer especially knowing that there are other folks who are anxiously awaiting as well! So here is part 1 of the most gorgeous wedding day! If ever there was a fairytale wedding, this one was it! Berry College in Rome, Georgia is already like a fairytale with its castle-like buildings and surroundings...then you add a beautiful princess and her prince and it gets even more beautiful! We had an awesome weekend thanks to Brooke's family who put us up in a cabin, provided our meals and gave us a great tour! You guys rock!

Hope this small set of pictures will tide you over until we can get some more up here for you! :) Brooke and Chris, you guys did an awesome job!

Brooke and Chris chose to see each other before the ceremony and therefore had ALL of their pictures made beforehand and after the ceremony, was able to go straight into their reception....I'm telling's the way to go!! You get WAAAAYYY more pictures this way because you're not rushed and aren't worried that people are waiting on you for the reception. It's highly recommended!