Brahm 6 Months Old

"The Baby Who Smiled The Entire Session" that is who Brahm is known as from our site. My Mom will say, "When are you going to see the baby that smiled the whole time?" I think he might be her favorite...we aren't allowed to pick favs you know? Just like with your children---the kind with two legs and/or four legs and fur---all of these guys on here are like our babies! :)

Brahm has become a little more serious in his ripened age of three months older than last time we saw him. He still gave us some smiles, but he was WAY more into just being left alone to admire his hands or have some chill out time. You would never know that though, because of all the sweet smiles and faces we did get! :)

Brahm's Mom (heeee that rhymes!!!) brought this cute brown hat...should of "accidentally" forgotten to give it back. Darn.

Could there really be anything cuter than a heart-shaped baby booty? Seriously, look at it---it's a heart!