Thea Simone and Taylie Jade

I believe that poor Thea and Taylie's session was scheduled for what felt like the windiest and coldest day of the year...truly BAD stuff. As soon as Mom got them out of the car, the tears started and within good reason seeing as the wind was so cold, it was painful. SO as to not become known as the cruel photographers who torture small, cute children---we had the idea to do the pictures inside the reptile house there at Dauset. Yep, you're reading correctly---a reptile house. It was the only place nearby that we could possibly make work and knew it would be super warm. You would never know from these smiles that we got, that it was all tears before arriving in the warmth!

Thank you Traci for believing in us enough to come all the way from Decatur AND let us take your kiddos photos in a reptile house! :)

Two year old Thea Simone

Eight month old Taylie Jade

My two favs are next!