Carter and Carlee

Two of the cutest, sweetest kiddos I've ever met----hands down! Carter is in third grade and Carlee is in kindergarten--unfortunately not at my school. I had so much fun with these two sweeties! They knew when to play and have fun and they knew when to hold it back for a minute and get some more posed shots---you just can't beat a great mix like that! It was one of those sessions that was smooth like butta! ;) My camera was in love with their cuteness and they were naturals behind it!

Hence the REALLY big post of photos...

This is the first time I can say that the first shot coming off of my camera was a GREAT predictor of sweet things to come! When you get this for a first shot, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

When kids are being as great as they were, I think it's important and FUN to just let them have a moment to play and BE KIDS...and those pictures can be some of the best ones! It was time for some leaf throwing!

If they were REALLY out on a boat...we definitely would have told them to distribute the weight evenly! :) Too cute!

For more fun I played "Pick Your Pose" with them...NOT to be confused with pick your nose--because that's just not a great game, esp. for photos! Adults stink at this game, though it sometimes gets them to really laugh for a few shots---but these kiddos weren't scared to be original and they ROCKED it out---these are fun!