Brooke and Chris's Wedding Part 2

Whew...this post took about as long to make it to the world as a movie sequel does! :)
Having just started this business last Fall----we weren't prepared for just how many people want pictures in the this Fall is nothing but a blur--and all I know is we took A LOT of pictures and I've done a lot of editing! :) Brooke and Chris have been waiting on their wedding pictures since November and fortunately they are getting their disk very soon. This post is to show a little bit more of their wedding day and details since the previous post mostly focused on just their pictures together.

They gave us a whole day to get the pictures we needed---nothing was ever rushed and it was obvious from day one that Brooke cared about the pictures and having those memories captured on something that would last forever. We REALLY appreciated that!

So here we go...
Is it just me or is the moment right before a kiss sometimes steamier than the actual kiss?! ;)

Who didn't have their Red Bull?

Two super Ellie moments coming up...I don't go out of my way to take pics of people on the potty---but right before the ceremony she had to go and April opened the door for us to capture this cuteness playing just can't help it really!

The sweetest thing about the ceremony was that Brooke didn't choose one Dad over the other to walk her down the aisle...she choose BOTH Dads! Stepdad on the left and biological Dad on the right! Perfect.

We love us some sweet, teary-eyed Phil!

The dancing was excellent!

It's not easy to HIDE when taking pictures of shiny objects!