Nick's Shoot

I can't tell you how many people have asked me when these were going up on the site! So, I'm excited to finally have these up here for you guys! Nick is the firefighter husband of a really good friend of ours, Kinsley. He's been eating right and working out to get into top shape. He wanted photos so that he could look back and remember how the work paid off! And...he was also sweet enough to want to surprise his wife with some prints for Valentine's Day! Julie had people at her work ask if he's married...YES ladies, HAPPILY married! :) This was Nick's first time doing any kind of photoshoot and our first time shooting anyone who looks this much like an underwear model!! I think we all did a pretty nice job, what'cha think?! :)

What better photos to try out the new and improved blog template with bigger photo posting capabilities?!