Rustin and Avery

Oh goodness...this session was the funniest session EVER! Julie and I have never laughed so much at a session...I promise not to share all the hilariousness with the internet Heather. ;)

These two kiddos are two of my Art students at school. Avery is in Kindergarten and Rustin is a third grader. We had a fun evening with these guys at Indian Springs a couple of evenings ago and barely had to do any posing because Avery did all of that work for us! All I had to do was say, "Alright Avery, pick another pose for you guys." She would instantly come up with another pose, usually a really crazy one. :) Rustin is the laid back kid and Avery is FULL of surprises...there's never a dull moment, lol.

Heather, here is your sneak peek, we hope you love these!

This one is so sweet:

I think this next one might be a very fav. for sure!