Brodie and Colt

We had fun playing with Brodie and Colt at Indian Springs last Saturday! Brodie just turned 3 years old and Colt is 9 months old. We had to be lightning fast to catch up with Brodie...but since Colt can't walk yet, I was able to grab him up a lot and get some seriously nice, squishy baby hugs! I pretty much fell in love with him and wasn't really wanting to give him back in the end. Unfortunately, he was too big to smuggle away in my camera bag. :)

Here's big brother Brodie:

And baby brother Colt:

"Togetherness" shots weren't really working out too well that day, but we do have a's a little proof that they were in the same place at the same time! :)

Those amazing green eyes and that adorable smile...LOVE.