Barrett's Cake Smashing

Monday marked a lot of firsts...first time meeting Barrett and his family (though his Aunt is a second grade teacher at my school and his Grandma is the Learning Support Specialist), first time meeting a dog named Meg, first time using the white background paper and sheet of plexi-glass AND the first time we've ever done a cake smashing photo session. It was ALL fun. :)

Barrett, Meg, Mom, and Dad were all super nice and easy to work with and watching an almost one year old tear into icing for the first time was very entertaining. Though we probably have all wanted to at one time or another, as adults none of us have torn into icing and smeared it all over our faces like Barrett had the chance to do Monday. How fun is that?!

After his sugar rush, he was quickly bathed and we went over to Indian Springs so that he could chill out with his best buddy Meg and make a metal tub look as comfy as a recliner.

Good times.

Before digging in...and way after!


I think Mom needs a huge canvas in one of these! I wanted to show what a difference a little bit of processing makes in one's the before and after of the same fav. depends on the mood I'm in--tonight I like them both equally.

Thanks Erin and Brad, we had a lot of fun with your little cutie, and hope to do it again someday! :)