Kennedi, Two Years Old Going On Three!

Actually it's more like Kennedi going on eighteen! She's the most grown acting little cuteness I've ever seen...and speaking of CUTE...HOLY SMOKES! Yes, there's an overabundance of photos that I had to post of her, because though I tried to refrain, I just couldn't help myself. LOOK AT HER! Look at her cute watermelon dress with matching watermelon shoes. That pom-pom hair, perfect skin, lips and should be illegal to be that adorable. Seriously, I could just eat her up or kidnap her, but neither would make her family too I will just stick with taking photos of her. :) I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking and show you the many expressions of Kennedi. She's SO the next Welch's grape juice commercial kid! :)

I won't even bother telling you my favorites, because really they all are for one reason or another!

Phallon, thanks so much for letting me hang out with your little nugget for some afternoon fun! I can't wait for her outdoor session! :) She's everything you said!