Meg's Family At Indian Springs

One of our very favorite families wanted a session at Indian Springs recently and we had fun! I was able to catch a few moments that are now my most favorite photos ever because the moments were not posed at all...just candid moments of them being 100% themselves. Those moments have always been more dear to me than set up/posed shots. To me the "lifestyle" type session captures your family better than every single photo having every person staring straight at the camera (usually) forcing a smile. Getting some of those REAL shots for Meg to have to remember her girls and Michael, made me so happy!

Major props go out to Brittany for dressing the family! Look at those colors and how they coordinate without being too matchy! It's totally because she is a radical Art major...not that I'm biased or anything. ;)
We've already established that I make up words right? Don't look up "matchy" in the dictionary, you'll search for a while!)

Those favs I was talking about: I put a slight vintage coloring on some of them! No worries, there's plenty of regular photos and coloring also!

Brittany's boyfriend Michael is hilarious and they are super cute together! He gets the best laughs out of her.

We hope you enjoy these Meg...I've got it all planned out which ones are must haves for the house!! :)