Erin And Ray Are Engaged

We met Erin and Ray the first time last Friday at Indian Springs for their engagement session. Just a few minutes after meeting them we knew they were going to be fun...they like dogs, music, and laughing...all GREAT things! It's been a while since we've done a session with adults and was nice to be able to get every shot we wanted while they were nice and still! :) Also having been a while since we've done an engagement session, we had forgotten how much kissing is involved...with babies there's sleeping, with couples there's kissing! :)

We think these two are going to have a marriage full of laughter and happiness because after being around them for a couple of hours---even in the blazing heat, they still have the ability to laugh at each other and with each other. Thank you Erin and Ray for being patient as we tried some experimental shots we had in mind and for keeping us laughing throughout the session too!

Watch the laughing start in these next three...this was supposed to be a "look at each other seriously" pose...I like how it turned out instead.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here, but I REALLY really love putting the camera focus points on certain points and having other things out of focus, it's FUN and artsy. I got to that a lot of this session! Keep a look out for it. :)

Julie found this piece of "love" confetti on a stone walkway...SWEET!

Hello sparkly diamond!