Colt's Cake Smashing

We were so excited when we heard that Colt was coming back to us for his cake smashing and one year old photo session! You can see our first session with Colt and his brother Brodie here. Colt's hilarious because one minute he's completely serious and focused on whatever he's thinking about and the next minute he's busting out with the biggest smiles and laughs. We were able to get WAY more laughs and smiles out of him this time around. We love us some Colt! :)

First we started off with his cake smashing and I'm not exaggerating when I say he was interested in the cake for about five minutes and most of that time was spent trying to walk or crawl away from the cake to find something more interesting to do! We still got some fun shots though!

After he got a much needed bath, we went over to Indian Springs and used a cute red rocker his mom brought and his adorable teddy bear. We love our "job!" :) Thank you again Christy, it's always way more fun than work.

OK check out the feet in the next one...and they only get messier!

Here he is on the move and I love how his feet are in focus and the rest in motion!

This is after I caught him and put him in my lap to show those feet! Doesn't it look like he was making Art with them?