Julia, Jay, And Emily

Julia, Jay, and Emily's mom won a free photo session from a school raffle we had and I couldn't have been more excited that they were the ones who won!! Sweet, GORGEOUS children...every photographer's dream! They were beautiful when I asked for the "serious" face and beautiful when giving smiles as well...all around cuteness.

I'm still gliding along on the euphoric high from actually having pictures of cute children in a chair, in an awesome field! They were serious troopers---everybody was completely OK with walking through the itchy grasses to get the field photos and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

These are some of my most favorite photos ever and I hope that their mom will agree! Hopefully in the future, we will get to photograph these sweeties again. I'm not even going to comment on individual pictures here and there...because you would seriously get tired of me saying how gorgeous these kids look!